Apple rolls out update 10.4.3 for macOS Mojave

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macOS Mojave 10.14.3
macOS Mojave 10.14.3

Apple today just rolled out a new update for macOS Mojave – 10.4.3.

Having installed the update on both of my hackintosh machines as well as my real Macs, I can report no problems. The upgrade went smoothly and after 3 reboots I was back into OS X with everything running perfectly.

macOS 10.14.3
macOS 10.14.3

One user on the TonyMacx86 site did report an issue where he lost QuickSync hardware video encoding functionality after installing the update, but having tested this myself, hardware encoding works just as it did before updating.

QuickSync hardware encoding enabled

You can update via the System Preferences app in macOS, or by downloading the 10.4.3 update package from the Apple website.

This appears to be a minor update with no major changes. According to Apple, the update

…improves the security, stability, and compatibility of your Mac and includes the following enterprise content: When making a file-sharing connection that uses a valid Kerberos TGT to authenticate, users are no longer prompted to enter credentials.

As ever, it’s recommended to backup your boot drive, along with your EFI partition, before updating, using Carbon Copy Cloner or similar, so that you can roll back in case of any issues.