How to clear the cache in Safari

Being able to clear the cache in Safari is essential to Web developers.  Often, changes made to content won’t show up after refreshing the site, as the browser is using the cached version of files instead of fetching the latest version from the Web server.

To clear the cache in Safari, open the Safari menu, then click ‘Preferences’

A new window should open.

Click on the ‘Privacy’ tab and then click ‘Manage Website Data…” at the bottom.

If you just want to clear out the cached data for a particular site, select the site in the list and then click ‘Remove’.  Alternatively, if you want to clear the cache for all sites you have visited, click ‘Remove All’.  This will remove all of the cached data that Safari has saved, for all of the sites you have visited.

And that’s it.  You cache has been cleared and Safari will download a new version of all the files the next time you visit each site.