How to mine XMR Monero Cryptocurrency on an Android Phone

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How to mine Monero on an Android Phone – a step by step guide on how to mine XMR cryptocurrency on a cellphone or tablet running Google Android.

Termux is a Linux command line emulator for Android that is available on the Google Play store. Using Termux, it’s possible to mine XMR cryptocurrency on an Android cellphone or tablet running Android version 7 or later.

  1. Install Termux from the Google Play Store
  2. Run Termux
  3. Update the packages by typing the command below into Termux.

    apt update && apt upgrade

  4. Install the git, build-essential, and cmake packages.

    ​pkg install git build-essential cmake -y

  5. Install the xmrig package from github.

    git clone

  6. Run apt upgrade again to upgrade packages to latest version.

    apt upgrade

  7. Change to the xmrig folder

    cd xmrig

  8. Create a new folder called “build”

    mkdir build

  9. Change to the build folder you just created.

    cd build

  10. Run cmake

    cmake .. -DWITH_HWLOC=OFF

  11. Run make

    make -j10

Once the build process has completed, you should see the message “Built target xmrig”. Now you’re ready to run xmrig and begin mining, but first you’ll need to decide on a pool. A list of XMR pools can be found at this page.

Once you’ve decided on a pool, you can start mining using the command below (replacing “pool_address” and “wallet_address” with the address of your chosen xmr pool and your own xmr wallet address)

./xmrig -o pool_address -a randomx -u wallet_address -p x