Samsung releases new firmware for 970 EVO Plus that resolves macOS compatibility issues

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Samsung today released a new firmware update for the 970 EVO Plus NVMe SSD that resolves compatibility problems when using the drive under macOS.

Previously, while the original 970 EVO worked without issues, the 970 EVO Plus would cause regular kernel panics under macOS, followed immediately by a spontaneous reboot. With the new firmware installed, the 970 EVO Plus works flawlessly under both macOS and Windows, with speeds around the 3000MB/s mark.

The 970 EVO Plus is one of the fastest NVMe drives currently available and it’s available for a significantly lower price than the 970 PRO while coming very close to matching it in terms of performance.

This new firmware, then, is great news for anyone using a hackintosh, older Mac Pro, or a MacBook Pro with an NVMe adapter who is looking for a fast storage solution at a decent price.

The new firmware can be found on Samsung’s website, or you can download the ISO directly by clicking on this link.

The firmware can be updated using Samsung Magician software under Windows, or by creating a custom bootable USB flash drive by following the instructions on Samsung’s support page.