Western Digital announces the World’s biggest hard drive

Image Credit: Western Digital

Western digital announces the World’s first 15TB hard drive – the Ultrastar DC HC620.

The 7200RPM, 3.5″ form-factor drive is the largest capacity drive ever to have been announced. It is based on Western Digital’s SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) technology, which packs more data into the same physical space by using a unique “overlapping” writing technique, but with the caveat that data must be organised and written sequentially.

The new model is targeted at the data centre segment, rather than home users. Specifically, the storage of footage from surveillance systems, which can run into several hundred terabytes over the course of a typical year.

According to the published specifications, the drive features sequential transfer speeds up to 223MB/s and a 12ms seek time. It also boasts an extremely power-efficient design, with Western Digital quoting up to 31% lower idle watts/TB than the previous generation.

Visit the HGST website for more information.